Geneva Car Hire from Holiday Autos

A group of us headed to La Plagne for a bit of skiiing and flew into Geneve airport.  We’d booked everything ourselves so we had to get from the airport to the ski resort and thought a hire car would be the best bet.

Holiday Autos worked out the cheapest at £249 for a week for a Mondeo estate.  Car was brand new and was very spacious, altough we had to pay an extra 50 Swiss francs (£25) for a ski rack.

The drive from Geneva Airport took just over 2 hours and it was fine, although the mountain roads up to La Plagne 1800 were a bit steep and windy.  Car was fine though and the roads are well maintained – it’s not like Britain were it grinds to a halt after a bit of snow!

As were skiing, we didn’t really use the car for the whole week.  It was worth having though to get us from the airport, as public transport isn’t really viable.

Would definately book with Holiday Autos again, although I’d maybe go for the Astra which was just £180 for the week and would’ve probably done the 4 of us.

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