Hertz Car Hire Review – Dublin, Ireland

Booked a trip to Dublin and booked a car rental to be picked up at Dublin Airport through Hertz.

Just me, the wife and our little un, so only wanted something about the size of a Ford Focus.  Luckily, the Ford Focus worked out as one of the cheapest online on the Hertz website and at £114 for the week thought it was a good deal and booked it.

I’m not sure whether car hire in Ireland is popular, as the staff at the airports were very quiet.  We were given the keys and I was happy to see the Ford Focus and it was plenty big enough for us.

The only downside is that I’m used to an automatic and this was manual.  After a few crunchy gear changes, I got the hang of it and it was a breeze after that.

Our visit to Dublin was fantastic and if you want to explore more of Ireland, renting a car is the best idea.

I asked at the desk whether it was cheaper to book car hire at the airport directly and they said booking you car hire online was always cheapest and you had the pick of cars. 
Worth remembering for future and you can book online at www.hertz.co.uk

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